6 Reasons I Fell in Love with Skiing

I’ve never been a winter sports kind of girl for one obvious reason: it’s freaking cold.

I’d rather be inside hibernating and binge watching Netflix all winter, but Deej grew up skiing and wanted to show me the ropes (or should I say the slopes?). And to my surprise, I fell in love with the sport.

Most people would assume it’s because I get to wear bad ass goggles and catapult myself down mountains really fast, which are perks, but it runs a little deeper than that for me.

Here are six reasons why skiing stole my heart.

1. It’s mentally challenging: When I put on skis for the first time I immediately wanted to take them off. They felt foreign, I couldn’t move, I kept falling – it was a disaster. I was crying within the first five minutes. I thought “I’m never going to be good at this and I have no f-ing idea what I’m doing!” and this was just at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. By the end of the day I felt comfortable though and thought I was a natural… until a month later when we went to Colorado and I was back to square one.

**Note: mountains in Wisconsin are NOT the same as mountains in Colorado. But every time I ski my confidence grows and my mentality gets stronger. I love that it challenges me and makes me face my fears, because skiing downhill from 13,000ft is slightly terrifying, but also extremely exhilarating.

2. Nature is my therapy: I’ve lived in a concrete jungle for the last 5 years, so any time I get a glimpse of nature my heart feels happier. I grew up in Ohio with a big back yard, fields and trees and flowers galore, and despite how nice Chicago and Denver are, I miss the real deal. The mountains are a different type of beauty – big and raw. You’re completely engulfed in them, and when skiing I can’t help but stop to take a deep breath and soak the view in.

3. The ski community is amazing: Ever since I left home I’ve been craving a sense community. So when I saw how friendly and happy everyone on the slopes was, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. At first I thought I wouldn’t be accepted because I was a n00b and knew nothing about the sport, but everyone welcomed me with open arms. If I fall, people stop to make sure I’m ok, or they give me tips on how to improve. They talk to you about your day and the mountains as you ride the lift up, and everyone is generally positive and friendly. I’m thankful skiing can fill that community void!

4. Every day ends with beer: Need I say more? There’s nothing like a cold brew or a spiked hot chocolate after a long day on the slopes. The whole ski/snowboard community meets at the bottom of the slopes each day when the mountain closes to relax and reminisce over a drink, and honestly, everyone deserves it.

5. It’s physically challenging: I like being active and skiing is no joke. Apparently you can burn upwards of 3,000 calories for every 6 hours of skiing! The first time I went to Colorado I came back stiff as a rock. Some of that was because I fell 100+ times, took out a sign and some people, but the majority was because it’s an extreme workout. Every single muscle is used and balance is constantly tested. It’s fun to challenge my body, and it’s nice to come home from a vacation not feeling like a beached whale!

6. (and most importantly!) Deej loves it: He grew up skiing and is totally in love with the sport. It makes me happy that we can share these trips and experiences together now more than anything. Thanks for being such a great teacher and for being patient with me, Deej! 🙂


If you’ve never tried skiing I definitely recommend giving it a go this winter! Or anything new for that matter.

Challenge yourself. Try new things. Expand your skill sets. Have fun.

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