White Water Rafting in Telluride

While in beautiful Telluride, Deej and I decided to get adventurous and booked our first ever white water rafting trip.

Since moving to Colorado we’ve been trying to challenge ourselves and take advantage of the mountains that now surround us. I really didn’t know what to expect so I was a little nervous. Of course I kept thinking of what rafting looks like in the movies so was semi-terrified of falling out of the boat and dying in the frigid water. Dark, but true.

We booked our trip through Telluride Outside and it was a great experience. Their shuttle picked us up from Town Park campground and drove us down the mountain to the lower canyon where we would raft eight miles down the San Miguel river.

We went through a brief safety training, where they warned us about falling out of the raft and getting pinned beneath rocks (because they have to tell you that stuff), and they provided us with little booties to keep our feet warm. And thank god because the river was FREEZING! The water comes directly from the snow melting down the mountains – 13,000 feet up – so I was thankful they were looking out for our toes. Luckily the sun was beaming so we were able to stay warm while getting soaked in the boat.

A family of four ended up rafting with us and their kids were young, like 5 and 7, so they asked me and Deej to sit in the front. Those who sit in the front are considered the leaders, so I was nervous not really knowing what to expect and having the lives of these children in my hands…

The river was rated a 2-3 on a “danger” scale of 6, so it was mostly calm but there were a few areas where the water was rushing extra fast. At one point we actually got stuck on a rock and the boat almost flipped! But what would an adventure be without a little danger? Unfortunately we didn’t get a ton of photos because as it turns out, the iPhone 7 is not 100% waterproof (sorry Deej!).

It was awesome to try something new and continue exploring the beautiful state of Colorado. There are so many adventures to be had and I’m glad that Deej and I continue to challenge ourselves and experience new things. At first I was anxious about the idea of white water rafting, but after we got started all of my fears melted away and I was able to enjoy the stunning scenery that surrounded us.

It’s easy to let fear and worry get the best of you, but life is so much more fun when you ignore the negativity and allow yourself to be challenged.

I seriously had so much fun on this rafting trip and am feeling more and more at home in these mountains with every day that passes. I don’t know if I’ll ever be an extreme rafter, but I definitely can’t wait to go again!

Have you ever been white water rafting or know of any great trips in Colorado to explore? Leave a comment and let me know!

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2 thoughts on “White Water Rafting in Telluride

  1. Not as far of a drive as the San Miguel is the Poudre river out of Ft. Collins. Tell them your comfort level. Only about a hour and half drive for you guys.

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