The Ride Festival in Telluride, CO

Two weeks ago Deej and I took a road trip to Telluride for The Ride Music Festival. I’d always heard so much about Telluride and how amazing it was so I was pretty excited for the trip.

After living in Colorado for two months I thought I had seen all of the mountain beauty – how naive of me! This state is full of surprises when it comes to landscape, and Telluride literally took my breath away. The town is located in whats called a Box Canyon, meaning, it is completely boxed in by mountains. A flat bottom with vertical walls. Everywhere you turn there is a 5 star mountain view. #obsessed

We arrived just as the sun was setting on Friday night (after flying home from Orlando that morning!) so we were some of the last people to get a camping spot at the Town Park campground. That means we were rummaging around in the black of night, setting up our tent and getting everything situated. Pitching a tent in the dark is not ideal, but it wasn’t our first rodeo – see Bonnaroo 2015 – so it all worked out.

The festival was two full days and with headliners John Butler Trio (top performance of the weekend in my opinion), Ben Harper, Kaleo and Beck. We were able to bring our own chairs and blankets and coolers with everything but alcohol, though I was able to sneak in a bottle of wine. I think the technique deserves its own blog post though, so stay tuned for that! There were probably 3,000 people total at the fest, so the shows felt super private and we got a spot really close to the stage.



At one point JBT was playing “Ocean” and I was literally in awe of my life. The stage was set at the bottom of a lush green mountain, the sky was the bluest of blues and I was with my favorite person in the whole world, surrounded by beauty. I felt so grateful and happy I thought my heart was going to explode!

I always leave music festivals with an overwhelming sense of community and optimism, and The Ride fest was no different. We met SO many people within the span of 48 hours and each and every one of them was friendly, positive and welcoming. Shout out to the guys who let us borrow their forks! Without you we wouldn’t have had those delicious scrambled eggs.

To anyone who is thinking about visiting Telluride or going to The Ride fest next summer, I highly recommend it! I’m already dreaming of the day I go back, and the ultimate goal of maybe even buying a home there?! Only time will tell…

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