Chihuly Garden + Glass in Seattle

I was first introduced to Dale Chihuly during art class in 9th grade. My teacher was a colorful, eclectic woman who loved art to her core and didn’t shy away from encouraging us to embrace it, too. I’ve always been a hands-on creative person, so naturally, art was my favorite subject!

Despite the countless number of artists she raved about, or the dozens I read about in books and at museums, no name or masterpiece has captivated me quite like Dale Chihuly’s.

There are two simple reasons why Chihuly is my favorite:

  • He wears an eye patch, and its badass.


  • His work is magically colorful and beautiful and intricate and no one else does what he does.


Chihuly has a garden and glass house in Seattle near the Space Needle, so it was 100% imperative that Deej and I went when we were there. You can actually buy a ticket to the top of the Space Needle and entrance into the museum together for a discounted price. I think we paid $35 for each ticket, which was totally reasonable for the experience!




If these photos don’t bring you joy or inspiration, then I really don’t know what will. I mean, COME ON!!





It was a dream come true to walk through this beautiful glass house and garden. If you’re ever in Seattle I definitely recommend checking it out! And if you’re interested in Chihuly, he does installations all around the world, so be sure to check his website before you travel and don’t miss the opportunity to see his work in person!


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**photos credit: David Harley V


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