New Years in Aspen, Colorado

I don’t think I could have dreamed a better way to bring in 2016 than being on top of the Rocky Mountains in Aspen, Colorado.

Deej and I had been talking about New Year’s plans months prior and we both agreed we’re over paying $100 to stand at a crowded bar full of shitfaced people, so naturally we opted to travel. I’ve been learning how to ski so we decided to give Aspen a go. (California – beautiful!)

We flew into Denver Wednesday night and stayed with a friend until we drove through the beautiful mountains into Aspen on New Year’s Eve. One of my favorite parts of the whole trip was driving through the Rockies, despite our janky car. We rented a 2005 Mercedes through a website called Turo. Don’t be jealous- it sounds much cooler than it was.

The car had no antenna, only a cassette player, questionable brakes, no windshield fluid, the gas meter was broken and it was dirty as hell… but it had heated seats so I guess it wasn’t awful. Plus – I enjoyed driving through the mountains without a radio because it gave us a chance to chat and appreciate the magnificent beauty surrounding us!


Once we got into Aspen, we watched an amazing fireworks display over the mountains after sipping hot chocolate and playing a few hands of Rummy in a little cafe called Victoria’s Espresso. The air was crisp and fresh and you could see nearly every star in the sky. Afterwards we went back to our AirBNB and fell asleep just after midnight… Eastern time.

Don’t judge – we had a long weekend of skiing ahead of us!

on top of the world

We spent Friday and Saturday skiing at Snowmass until the mountain closed at 4:00, then we hit Basecamp for some post-ski brews and hot spiced wine before heading back to our AirBNB where we relaxed in the hot tub and mingled with our housemates.

Sunday we woke up early to a spectacular sunrise, packed up our belongings and drove into downtown Aspen. Apparently people in Aspen like to sleep in on Sundays because the only places open were the marijuana dispensaries and this little breakfast spot called Main Street Bakery. Naturally we went into both.


Main Street Bakery was super quaint and quirky – random cookie jars lined one wall while a big bakery counter full of delicious cookies, cakes, pies and cupcakes lined the other. In between there were about 10 tables full of people eating and a line out the door of those waiting to get a seat. The food was perfect and the people were even better.

We were sad to head back to Denver on Sunday because we knew we’d be flying to Chicago Monday morning and reality would set back in… but wait! Colorado never wants us to leave – so the universe interfered and we missed our flight home for the second time in a row. Womp womp, with a side of YES!!!!

And honestly, that day was just as great as the rest.

I hope everyone else also had a great start to 2016!


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