DIY: Dutch Side Braid

I am and always have been a huge fan of braids.

I learned how to French braid at summer camp when I was 8 years old. I remember seeing all of the girls wearing braids, and I couldn’t help my jealousy when they took it out and had perfect beach waves.

So I learned, and practiced, and became a braid connoisseur of sorts. Because let’s be honest – there’s nothing better than putting your hair in a braid when you don’t feel like showering. #truth

One of my recent favorites is the Dutch Side Braid.   To some it looks complicated, but to anyone who knows how to do a simple French braid, it’s a piece of cake.

dutch side braid

Basically, think of doing an inside out French braid. Instead of tucking the middle strand under the outer strands, do the opposite: tuck the middle strand over the outer strands as you pull hair from each side of the braid as you go.

You can watch a full tutorial here, or a quick video on my Instagram. The look and feel will vary depending on how tight you braid it, length/thickness of hair, which side you braid to, etc. I like to braid mine from right to left, super tight, and then pull on the sides to loosen it and make it look full.

Happy braiding!

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