The Clevenger Wedding

This weekend I traveled home to Cleveland for my cousin Drew’s wedding.

I’ve been excited about this wedding for a while because Drew is one of my closest cousins, and my extended family was all coming in from out of town. I love when my whole family gets together because everyone likes to have a good time and dance a lot, so I knew it was going to be fun.  

The wedding ceremony was in North Olmsted at Frostville Church. It was super small and quaint, and was built in 1847, so it had an undeniable vintage charm that I loved. I’m a sap when it comes to weddings, so when I saw my cousin standing at the altar anxiously awaiting his beautiful bride, I thought “Cue the waterworks!” To my surprise, I kept it together- even when they read personal vows they had written.

A sign hanging from the little church’s door.
Frostville Church in North Olmsted, Ohio.
Frostville Church in North Olmsted, Ohio.
Kelly and Drew, now husband and wife!
Kelly and Drew, now husband and wife!

Between the wedding and the reception, we had a few hours to kill, so Deej and I went downtown to the Flats and checked out the new Punch Bowl Social. I was totally surprised at how much the area has been developed, and I’m excited to see what is yet to come. Cleveland is definitely in the midst of a boom!

The reception was a Great Gatsby themed party downtown at the Old Cleveland Courthouse. The interior was like a gorgeous ballroom complete with winding staircases, high ceilings and walls lined with historic art and decor. All the ladies were dressed in fringe, fur and headbands, while the guys dressed in suits with suspenders, top hats and bow ties. I wore a cobalt blue dress with a black fringe bottom kimono topped with a black fur stole. Deej and my brother said I looked like “the dark flapper” whatever that means…

The interior of the Old Cleveland Courthouse.
Each gold tipped feather had a name and number on it, indicating seating arrangements in true 1920s fashion.
Table 6 with all my cousins.
My version of a 1920s flapper girl.
My version of a 1920s flapper girl.
Photobooths are my favorite.

We spent the evening sipping cocktails, dancing like crazy, laughing, eating, taking pictures in the photobooth (my favorite!) and celebrating the newlyweds. It was the perfect wedding and I wish Drew and Kelly a lifetime of happiness!

Ah… I love weddings. Until next time!


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