So Long, 23!

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday (whoop!) so naturally I’ve been reflecting. My goal for 23 was to make it my “Lebron” year – nothing but the best – and I have to say, it was quite a ride.

Looking back, I had a lot of firsts. I attended my first New York Fashion Week, moved in with my boyfriend, learned how to ski, snorkeled in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, and smacked someone in the face with pizza. I went to places I’ve never been before, like St. Petersburg, the Virgin Islands and Austin TX, and revisited to some of my favorites, like Nashville, Virginia Beach and Panama City. I think I actually took 14+ trips in the last 12 months! I experienced the magic of Bonnaroo with a group of 30+ people, won a VIP experience at the Hangout Music Fest, and jammed out with Paul McCartney at Lollapalooza. I got a little taste of skydiving during the NFL draft, went sailing on Lake Michigan, started paying my own phone bill, swam with dolphins, admitted to liking Taylor Swift, and ordered room service for the first time. Damn. I’m sure I’m missing some, but that gives you a good idea of what 23 was like for me.

Things I didn’t do that I would have liked to: learn how to do a forearm stand, see Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge, visit friends around the world (I’m looking at you Corinne, Mal and Mere!), buy a puppy, write a book, befriend a celebrity, and become a millionaire, among other things. But hey, that’s what 24 is for, right?!

Thank you to everyone who helped make 23 such a special year. My life would be nothing without the amazing people I have in it. Lebron may not have won a ring, but I feel like a champion!

Ok, I might stop being corny at 24…


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