Bigger Isn’t Always Better

If not now, when?

If you clicked this post in hopes that you would find something inappropriate regarding private parts, you will surely be disappointed by what is to follow. I intend to make this my only mention of private parts because I’d like to keep this PG-13.

So, when I say “Bigger isn’t always better,” I’m talking about goals.

Now that I’m a grown up (HA!), and I’m out of school, and I’m working full time, I realize I should probably set some personal goals. You know, goals that help break my daily routine (see, that is a goal right there- finding something to break the monotony of a daily routine.) The day this hit me I was all gung-ho and ready to take action.

“Yes! It’s time to set some goals. I’m going to do something super awesome and everyone is going to love it and I’m going to have so much fun. Hmm… How about I write a book? Yes! Tonight I will write my novel.”

Ok…. no.

I would not write a novel that night because, well, not even Steven King can write a novel in one night. And even if he could, I’m not Steven Fucking King, so I cannot.

I think that sometimes big goals can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where or how to start. That’s where small goals come into play. They are the little itty bitty goals that build up to fulfill the big goals. So, if I wanted to write a novel, maybe I start by writing the first page. And that is my goal for day one.

But even writing the first page of a novel can be hard, so maybe the goal is to list some ideas for a potential plot.

And honestly, my goals are even more basic than that. I’m embarrassed to admit some of my goals because they give a preview into how lazy I can be.

Take this week for example: My bike tires have been flat for two months. There is a gas station down the street. One of my goals this week is to take my fucking bike to the gas station two blocks away and put some damn air in the tires. I mean, does it get any easier than that? But hey, it’s a goal. And when I finally do it, I will feel so accomplished I will probably buy a bottle of wine on my way home and celebrate after a joyous ride through Chicago.

And you know what else? Filling my bike tires with air will help me accomplish another goal: getting to work earlier. And getting to work earlier will help me become more productive. And being more productive means that I will make a good impression. And making a good impression means I will eventually get promoted. And getting promoted means making more money. And making more money means I can go on a super awesome trip. And going on a super awesome trip means I can maybe take pictures of the Northern Lights. And then I can cross that off my bucket list. And the little goals keep building upon each other until I’ve reached my biggest goal of all: becoming the coolest person in the world.

And that’s why I like small goals.

Do you see what I mean? Big goals are great, but you can’t reach a big goal without completing all of the little goals that lead up to it. And little goals make big goals less scary (and our self esteem a little higher…)

So Cheers to small goals and accomplishing them – like I just did by writing this post.

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