Paradise Found: My Trip to the Virgin Islands

Ah! It’s been a week and a half since I returned from the Virgin Islands and I already want to go back.

My boyfriend and I decided to take a semi-spontaneous trip to see what island life had to offer, and obviously, we were not disappointed. We flew into St. Thomas and took the week to explore the US Virgin Islands and even Tortola, one of the British Islands. Cue a passport stamp! Does that mean we can say we’ve been to England now?

The beaches were exactly like those seen in the movies or on a world traveler’s lustworthy Instagram page. Gorgeous turquoise waters, soft white sand, lush green trees and all the fish in the sea- including sea turtles, sting rays and the dreaded PURPLE jelly fish. Deej noted that was the first time he’d seen a purple one, other than in Spongebob episodes. And yes, I was stung.

Most of our days were spent enjoying the sunshine, snorkeling, boating, exploring, drinking (lots of rum & drinks called the Painkiller), eating, tanning (aka, burning), relaxing, loving and living life. I don’t think I can fully describe the amazing time we had with just words, so I’ve put together a short video log of our trip.

Everything was shot on a GoPro Hero 3+ camera, and the song is “Ride” by Twenty One Pilots.

We will definitely be heading back sooner than later, and I recommend everyone give the islands a go- especially St. John!!


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3 thoughts on “Paradise Found: My Trip to the Virgin Islands

  1. Love this. It’s so good to see your smiling face and you and Deej so happy together! …Although you did make me want to pack up and start living the island life.

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