NYFW Recap

I’m back in the Windy City after an awesome weekend in NYC.

The first time I went to New York I didn’t see what the big deal was. I live in a city, so what makes New York so great? We both have tall buildings, cool nightlife and subway stops… But after this weekend, my third trip to NYC, I know what the buzz is about.

New York is alive. It’s condensed, a little grungy and sometimes on the dirty side, but something in the air makes it feel like endless opportunities are out there, waiting for someone to snatch them up and run. It’s thrilling and exhausting all in the same.

This past weekend was my opportunity to explore New York Fashion Week.


I was mainly stationed at the NYFW HQ in Chelsea, where sponsors set up shop and mingle with fashion influencers, bloggers and fans throughout the day. Of course that was fun because I have an awesome team to work with and our space was on point, but the real adventures began after HQ closed.

Friday night I attended the Zang Toi show, which was nothing short of amazing. The runway was flooded with light and airy white spring wear, along with gorgeous gowns and flowy ensembles in shades of blue, turquoise and black. We sat across from Patti Labelle and I was shunned for not knowing anything about her. (sorry mom!)

After the show I went to one of NYC’s hidden gems- Bathtub Gin. What looks like an ordinary coffee shop by day turns into a secluded speakeasy by night, where dark and moody lighting makes you feel like you’re back in the 1920s, sipping forbidden cocktails on 22nd and 9th. The cocktails should be forbidden because they include absinthe, and that’s just a recipe for disaster, but regardless- the place was super cool and served up one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.


Saturday morning I took some time to explore more of the city. I traveled south to visit the 9/11 memorial and that went as to be expected. It was heartbreaking, but I’m glad I went and paid my respects. I was surprised at how much construction is still going on there. I knew the devastation was major, but seeing them rebuilding the area 14 years later was a reality check.

Afterwards I took a trip through Soho and back up to Midtown where I then attended the Son Jung Wan show. It was beautiful- full of pale pinks and shimmering tops and gowns. To be honest, I had never heard of Wan, but her show is one I won’t soon forget.

We decided to try a restaurant called Sweet Chick that night- a Lower East Side spot specializing in chicken and waffles. UM YES. Heaven on Earth! I kept it simple with the classic C&W, but my coworkers tried some more eclectic options, like chicken parmesan and general tso’s waffles. We topped that off with a delicious Mississippi Mud Jar (aka a chocolate pudding s’more) and called it a night. #success

Sunday we hosted a brunch at NYFW HQ with blogger Marianna Hewitt. It was a huge hit and people seemed to really enjoy themselves. We gave out complimentary Papyrus gift bags, served up some delicious hors d’oeurves and set up a photo booth for people to snap shots with friends and Marianna.


I grabbed myself a few strawberry bellinis before I hit The Meatball Shop and Billy’s Bakery for some last minute grub and headed to catch my flight… where I snagged this pic of the gorgeous city sunset.


All in all, it’s a trip for the books.

Can’t wait to see what next season brings!


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