The Best Times of My Life

When I think about some of the best times of my life, they all have one thing in common: they started with a ticket.

I keep a box of random things from the past in a shoe box in my room, full of little trinkets, bookmarks and an envelope full of tickets. I opened the box up tonight to pull something out and ended up going through my tickets. Football games, concert tickets, festival wristbands, flight tickets and entry access of every kind sit in that envelope. Each one is like a photograph. I can pick them up, look at them for a second and remember exactly who I was with, where I was and how much fun we had (well, some are a little fuzzy…)

The worn, yellow tint of my Gwen Stefani concert ticket takes me back to freshman year of high school with my gang of “it” girls. The flight ticket to Los Angeles takes me back to the warm sunshine and biking through the fresh, breezy San Francisco air on Thanksgiving Day with my mom. The wristband from the Hangout Music Festival reminds me of the sand between my toes with live music pulsing through the air, along with a day in the ocean I’ll always consider one of the best days of my life. And one of my all time favorites- the wrinkled ticket from the Fallout Boy concert from my senior year of high school that two of my best friends and I drove to Columbus. It was pouring rain and we were soaked, but that didn’t stop us from crowd surfing and living life fully in the present.

It seems like a good time is guaranteed when a ticket is involved (unless it’s a speeding ticket). It’s all about experiencing life and treating yourself to opportunities to make memories, instead of just tangible items that bring us temporary satisfaction. I want to measure my life by the number of tickets I have. The more I have, the more I’ve lived.


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