5 Things I’ll Miss Most About Perú

I can’t believe I’m back in Chicago already. It feels like just yesterday I was buying my ticket to Perú and my adrenaline was pumping just thinking about going abroad. Now I’m back to reality and it seems like nothing has changed besides my perspective and skin tone.

Even though it’s over it will forever remain in my memory and here are five things I will miss most about Perú.



One of the most delicious seafood dishes I’ve ever had comes from the coastal city of Lima. Raw, fresh fish is marinated in lime juice and served cold with fresh sweet potatoes and hearty corn straight off the cob. I’ve decided I will never try ceviche anywhere other than Perú because I don’t want to ruin my loving memories of it. These next few years are going to be rough.

**UPDATE** I have tried Ceviche since returning to the states. It is not as good as Peru’s (no surprise there.)



The Landscape

One of the strongest memories I have of Perú was driving through the Sacred Valley, looking up at the huge mountains that surrounded me and listening to Hallocene by Bon Iver. It was so nice to look out and see green land for miles and miles. Being back in Chicago and surrounded by buildings makes me feel trapped. I’ll miss that fresh air and open landscape.
Photo courtesy of Delaney Duvall


Pisco Sours

My mouth still waters thinking about this tasty national drink of Perú. I should have bought a bottle of Pisco before I headed home to the states. I’m kicking myself for not doing so! Hopefully I can find it at Binny’s or something… A Pisco Sour is simple to make too. All you need is Pisco, simple syrup, lime juice and some egg whites. Put it in a blender and you’ve got yourself a taste of Perú!
Pisco Sour


Summer Weather

Much better than sweater weather, I will so dearly miss the sun and wearing shorts and tanks. The Chicago winter is putting my body into shock! Only 5 more months until I can soak up that vitamin D again. The countdown begins now…
Hot Springs in Perú

The Peru crew

The people I spent the last two weeks with will be my friends forever. You’d think spending 15 days with the same people would make you sick of them, but I’ll never be sad to run into any of them on the streets of Chicago or wherever we may go in this lifetime. Cheers to a great time abroad!
Photo courtesy of Angela Conners


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