The Simple Beauty of Peru

Last night I fell asleep to the mountains. After spending the day driving through the Andes to the Sacred Valley in Cusco, I couldn’t get the visions out of my mind. Even when I closed my eyes I could see the vibrant green hills, the white blankets of cloud and snow and the bright colors of the many markets in Peru.

Pictures don’t do this place justice (unless they’re Angela Conners‘).

I already feel sad thinking about going back to Chicago. I love being surrounded by these mountains and feeling so free. Something about traveling opens your eyes.

The people who live here may look like they have nothing, but in reality they have everything. They may have to work hard and get their hands dirty, but at the end of the day they can go home to their families, friends, pets and look up to see the brightest stars or the greenest mountains. They aren’t distracted by the internet or climbing the social or corporate latter. They’re simply happy with the little things in life.


It doesn’t matter if you have everything in the world. It’s the important people and places in your life that are special. Quality over quantity.


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