Cusco: The Heart of Peru

Although I’ve spent the past 9 days in Lima, I feel like I’ve just arrived in Peru. This morning we flew over the Andes Mountains and into Cusco, and the dreams I’ve had of this magical country have come to life.

Don’t get me wrong- Lima was amazing. I learned so much about the culture of Peru and had the opportunity to try delicious dishes (lots of potatoes!). I also swam in the Pacific Ocean and suffered severe sunburn. Luckily it has healed.

But Cusco is a totally different world.

There are lush, green mountains that sit as a backdrop for every photo, compared to the never ending cluster of buildings in Lima. The large stone remains of the Inca Empire sit as the base of almost every building in the square. The sky is the bluest I’ve ever seen it. The air is thin and crisp and I don’t have to hold my breath to avoid inhaling exhaust fumes.

It’s absolutely stunning.


The Inca’s used to believe that all things good and bad came from the Pachamama, or Mother Earth. They lived to please her and in return they were blessed with this beautiful land.

When I’m home in Chicago, I often crave an open space with green trees, clean air and beautiful flowers. Cusco is the place I crave and I’m so thankful to be able to experience it.

While I’m talking about nature and the environment, I just want to encourage everyone to take a minute to appreciate the land and resources we’ve been blessed with. In a day when plants, animals and land are taken advantage of to be sold for profit, it’s important to remember that this earth isn’t’t ours and we only have one. This is our home and we should be taking care of it, rather than treating it as a garbage can.

The rest of my time in Peru will be spent enjoying the nature and serenity of this beautiful planet and for that, I am so very grateful.

Cusco Land

Cusco Church


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