Cheers to New Friends

They say it’s not where you are or how much you have, but who you have beside you that matters most.

When I came on this trip to Peru, I didn’t know anyone. I admit I was a bit nervous when I thought about traveling abroad with complete strangers, especially because everyone else had a chance to meet. But as soon as I found a group of my classmates at the airport I felt right at home.

The people I’ve spent the past week with are each one of a kind. We have a lot in common, but each one of them offers a new perspective, characteristic, talent or dance move that makes them unique. I’ve already laughed until I cried and have felt comfortable enough to open up and be myself.

It reminds me a lot of my summer internship at Red Frog and the forever friends I met there (MISS YOU GUYS!). I’m so lucky to have these opportunities to step outside my comfort zone and meet so many amazing people.

But everyone has the ability to do so. Sometimes situations can be uncomfortable and might make you feel awkward, but I’ve learned to have courage in these moments. If you never take any chances, how are you supposed to grow?

I encourage everyone reading this to take a risk and try something new today. Say hello to a stranger. Start a real conversation with the cashier at the checkout line. Compliment someone (and mean it!). Life is about experiencing, learning and putting yourself out there, and these opportunities surround us every day. We just have to open our eyes and be brave enough to go for it!

Here’s to the lovely Columbia students I’ve been so lucky to explore Peru with. And special thanks to Angela Conners for the photo on the top of my page!



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