How Instagram’s new album feature won the red carpet

By now everyone has probably noticed that Instagram launched a new album feature, where instead of uploading a single image at a time, users can upload up to 10 photos or videos for their followers to swipe through, similar to what you would see in a carousel ad.

The best display of this new Insta feature was at The Oscar’s on Sunday night. Continue reading “How Instagram’s new album feature won the red carpet”

Denver – What’s Not to Love?

I’m moving to Denver.

Thanks to the push from my company’s sudden closure, I’ve decided to head west and continue my journey in the Mile High city.

A lot of my friends and family haven’t been to Colorado recently or at all, so they always ask, “Why Denver?”. Well, allow me to enlighten you: Continue reading “Denver – What’s Not to Love?”

Chihuly Garden + Glass in Seattle

I was first introduced to Dale Chihuly during art class in 9th grade. My teacher was a colorful, eclectic woman who loved art to her core and didn’t shy away from encouraging us to embrace it, too. I’ve always been a hands-on creative person, so naturally, art was my favorite subject!

Despite the countless number of artists she raved about, or the dozens I read about in books and at museums, no name or masterpiece has captivated me quite like Dale Chihuly’s.

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My Trip to Vancouver, Canada

So I’ve finally decided to write about my trip to the Pacific Northwest… four months after the fact. But hey, better late than never!

Our trip began in the quirky city of Portland and ended in Seattle, but in between is where I want to start, with Vancouver, Canada!


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